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About Kunal

Kunal, is a ICF Certified Life, Success & Peak Performance Coach andaNLP Practitioner, he is also aCertified Trainer for Mindmaps, Speed Reading, Creative Thinking and Memory Techniques who has been trained by the Guru’s of the Training industry.

Kunal, uses his innate acumen of Coaching and Training along with the technical know how to help bring about a quick and long to lasting changes in the lives of the people.

People from all walks of life and across all age groups have attended his workshops have learnt new strategies which has helped them to elevate their level in their academic, professional and personal realms of their life.

He believes, no matter howsuccessful an individual already isin theirpersonal and professional areas of their life,there is always a higher level, which one can attain through his Coaching and Trainings.

As per his ideology and through his training and coaching program, he acts as a catalyst to help people create BREAKTHROUGHS for themselves, by helpingthem to overcome the hurdles of their self limiting beliefs and habits which mayhave been neurologically patterned over a period of time. In all these years he has hadthe privilege and honor of working with many people from all walks of life,helping them to soar new heights in many realms of their life


Coaching helps you by making progress from where you are today to where you may want to be in your life, in the sense it gives you a positive direction for vertical growth.

Over the years I have come to realize that everyone can benefit from coaching, whether it be life coaching, business coaching, child and parent coaching or technical coaching.

Just like all Athletes, Tennis players, and other Sportsmen who already are at the pinnacle of success in their chosen sport do engage need coaches, we too need a Coach. Mentor or a Trainer, who can guide us and steer us to newer heights of success in most of the areas which matter the most to live a fulfilled life. Success without fulfillment creates unhappiness, and that results in poor self image and builds up frustration which results in poor performance in various areas of our lives.

Coaching and Training raises our ability to take our inner game to another level and helps us to question ourselves regarding our actions and the resulting effects of our actions, the tough questions we wouldn’t normally ask ourselves.

Some insights on Life Coaching

Life Coaching is the process of helping an individual in identifying an one’s desires, talents and dreams, and steering them in the right path which helps them in gaining confidence and skills to achieve their goals and aims. Life Coaching helps you to search for answers and solutions within yourselves.Most of the answers are within ourselves just that we refuse to use the question answer system when it is required to help us resolve certain issues or achieve certain goals.

A life coach helps you to identify the areas of your life that might be causing you to be out of balance. When you identify the areas that you want to work on, then resolving the issues arising out of conflicts created by those problems can be simply eradicated without adding to the stress.

Sometimes we limit ourselves and cap our potential. ‘Living our life by limiting ourself and capping our potential is like driving a car with the handbrake on’.

Many talented people develop the belief that they are destined to remain in their current situation. This is usually the problem. Life coaching helps you to break negative belief patterns and set challenging aspirations.

Coaching stretches Youto move outside your comfort zones. Going outside your current comfort zones ensures that you are growing, growing as a person, and moving toward your goals in life. Growth and Progress always makes us happy.

Coaching helps……

  • One identify obstacles in one’s life
  • Helps one to prioritize what’s important in life.
  • To set outcomes to move one forward in life.
  • To look at ways to get one ‘unstuck’.
  • To set actions and assignments that one will agree on.
  • To, ultimately move one toward one’s outcomes in life one at a time.


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